If you have been searching for training to expand your own natural skills in the areas of:

Psychic development
Intuitive coaching

Then you have come to the right place. Let me tell you about some of trainings I offer.

Advanced Tarot Reading

If you look around and look at yourself, you will notice that all of us have changed. We all have evolved over the years. This is applicable in case of your job as well. The first position you held and the current one that you have is vastly different. So why will this not be applicable in case of Tarot Reading?

In my Advanced Tarot Reading training session I will tell you about different ways and means by which you can us the tarot cards in order to predict the future. All the tools and techniques used have been so developed so that you are able to stand out amongst the crowd.

Nothing lasts forever! However, NOW, you have the opportunity to take your skills and ability to the next level. The cards act as a spring board that will launch you to a better future by tapping into the subconscious using your intuition.

Intuitive Coaching

Having worked at several levels and after dealing with different coaches, I have understood that it is extremely important to understand your client and offered readings and sessions as per their specific need and requirement.

I provide a number of things to add to this beginning with intuitive tools to allow you to tap into your clients needs – for this I use a number of things from the Tarot, intuition wheel, metaphors, creativity and much more.

If you wish to organize workshops then I can gladly assist you in your endeavor. I will be using some of my own unique tools and techniques which will help you to gain clarity around them and also give you some new ideas that you can use to get the desired results.

This course is done on a 1-2-1 basis as it deals with your client’s needs and requirements. As each client is different hence the question of confidentiality arises. As such, the training will not be conducted in a group.

The cost for this training depends on the numbers of days you will undergo this training session.