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Highly Recommend you
Nelly Gonzalez‎ (Santa Barbara, California)
I wanted to stop by and thank you for your recent reading. Your where right on with my current life situation and confirmed what my spirit desires to do. Thanks for your time. Highly recommend you. Hope the stones work well for you. Have a blessed day.


Highly Recommend!
Anna Paige‎ (Holden, Massachusetts)

Joseph gave me the most insightful psychic reading I’ve ever received. I was astonished when he started to tell me the deepest truths about myself. Knowing that Joseph could tune into me with such precision gave me a great deal of confidence in his reading. For a long time now, I’ve felt that my career was out of alignment with my life’s purpose, and that my hobby should be my real profession. Joseph picked up on this right away and validated that I should be doing the type of work I’ve been feeling called to do! Joseph also told me some things about my future, and they sounded too good to be true. Based on my current circumstances, I can’t imagine how the scenario he foresaw could possibly transpire. It would require a miraculous chain of events to unfold. But Joseph was spot on about everything else, so I’m inclined to believe something wonderful is coming my way! I’ve had other psychic readings before, but Joseph went into greater depth and was far more accurate than the others. Highly recommend!

Thank you so much Joseph
Sandra MacDonald‎ (Fort Bragg, California‎)
I've just received Joseph's beautiful gift of insight and clairvoyance. I found him to be kind, with integrity and to the point. I feel blessed by his reading, and feel that his message comes from a deep sense of care and to be helpful. It was all that and more for me, and I highly recommend his gifted service. With much gratitude . . . thank you so much Joseph.
Very Talented!!
Diane Dyann‎ (Rancho Cucamonga, California)
This week Joseph gave me a reading. What a joy! He used both clairaudient and clairvoyant methods to perceive elements regarding my future, family relationships, finances, my work and about my soul purpose. Joseph is truly talented in this area and I highly recommend him for a reading for anyone. Thank you again Joseph.
Thank you for the AMAZING reading!
Anna P (US)

I've never posted anything like this before, but I feel compelled to share. I had the most incredible psychic reading with Joseph Stein today. He had some absolutely brilliant insights. Speaking with him re-energized me and gave me confirmation that I'm on the right track and that the Universe will support me in the direction I've been wanting to go.

If you have a desire to get a reading, do not hesitate to contact Joseph. He'll blow your socks off! This experience was a very personal one for me, so I'm not going to post details here. Feel free to PM me if you'd like to know more.

Thank you for the AMAZING reading today, Joseph! I've had a couple psychic readings before, but none was as accurate as yours. I was blown away by the things you told me. First off, you were spot on about who I am as a person and everything you said about my past was true. So glad I took notes because I've been finding more and more connections since we spoke. The insights you gave me were exactly what I needed to refocus the direction of my life. It's exactly what I needed right now. What a gift! I'll be sure to spread the word among my friends and encourage them to seek you out as well.

Thanks again! And a big Thank You to Debra Lynne Katz for letting us know you were looking for volunteers!

Thanks Joseph for the thorough and honest reading you gave me ! Spot on my present life situation and state of mind ! Interesting insights for the "future" !
Zoé Aubrrato-Graham
(London, UK)

Heartfelt gratitude for the most precise reading Joseph. I too am a psychic with 30 years of experience but you have amazed me with every single detail that we discussed.100% to the core of matter. U sure are going places.

It felt so comforting to hear something rather everything about my journey through life, more so when all the time I am helping others and have no one to say something about me. I am thrilled you crossed my path to deliver a message from the masters.

All the very best for your journey too.
Rritu Rana

Dear Joseph: I would like to express my gratitude for a most accurate, sensitive, and divinely inspired reading. You read with such kindness, intentionality and grace for the pure goal of assisting a person toward their greatest capacity and wisdom. Your energy is gentle, kind, and authentic-with a refreshing humility. Thank you for my reading, our interaction, and the uplifting of my spirit towards infinite possibilities which you have reminded me-is free will, “a choice no matter what the challenging circumstances”. An awesome reading from an enlightened soul! ~

(Hampton, Virginia)