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Embrace “Soul Time” to find real you

Thursday, September 24th, 2015


I have seen many clients who come to me because “they feel lonely and left out” and the reason is their failed relationship. Do you really feel guilty of your failed relationship? Do you think your life starts as well as ends with your partner? It is not and life is actually very beautiful and God has given you one life to enjoy and complete your life’s goal. We all talk about self-worth, self-esteem, but we never think of “soul time”. We are so much involved with the concept of universe that we hardly find our soul time. For example- After your failed relationship, you next goal should be how to love yourself more so that more people get attracted towards you and you feel happy from inside.

Loneliness is just a relative term and it has no particular definition in our universe. Different people define loneliness in different way, but what is more important is how positive you take your soul. Do not stop to fall in love because you have a failed relationship in the past. But, you become more refined this time and the lessons from your past relationships will direct you towards the right path because you will work more on your inner capacity to receive the love from the other side. Nevertheless, if you choose to live on your own terms, then social media ping us without any social invitation and you will come across “happy couples” images. Seeing these images, most people again go back to the cocoon of loneliness and it affects the psyche of a person.

Psychic reading never says that these activities are wrong, but you cannot miss your own company or self-esteem. If you do so, you are going away from the reality and you are giving a negative message to the universe. Happiness is best found when you are in solitude. You have perfect “soul time” and meet with your soul and ask, what it actually want you to do? What is your true call? Close your eyes and you will get your answer. Universe is always ready to conspire against you like

“how can you spend time on your own”, “how selfish are you?”, “you are unable to make good relationship with anyone” and so on.

There is nothing wrong in keeping a different approach in your life. Embrace the “soul time” as your life’s gift. Do not just wait for someone, who will come in your life and then you, will experience the things that you want to do? Right now is the time and you have to live every moment. Start a creative project, read your favorite book, go to a restaurant alone and dine, pack your bags and head out to an unknown land etc. Spend just 20 minutes on things that you actually love and forget phone, social media, internet, laptop and everything that connects you with universe. This 20 minute is only you and your soul.

How do you feel that particular 20 minutes? Did you meet with yourself? Notice and you will get your answer. In psychic reading, “soul time” plays an important role and you will have time for what you want in your life.