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Due to the ever growing popularity, I have created this website so that I can keep all you updated about my latest work. Majority of my clients are spread across the globe and often it gets difficult for them o come and visit me. With the help of this website, they will be able to keep in touch with me and at the same time be aware of any seminar that I am organizing.


I strongly believe and have always told my clients that healing is not only dealing with outer problems but also healing from inside. One has to deal with the situation in a practical way so that the solution arrived at is achievable as well. I prefer exact, accurate readings so that the individuals’ benefit from my practical solutions.

If you are interested in a psychic reading with me then you can take your pick from the two:

  Face to Face Psychic reading – in this Psychic reading, I arrange for a face to face meeting with my clients so that you can ask me questions one to one with immediate answers.
  Psychic Chat (Live) – You can book for an appointment for Live Psychic Reading. I conduct this reading through this website only.
  Psychic Email Readings – I also offer private readings via email. Once you mail me the question, I will revert with the solution.

The world of psychic reading is diverse and very interesting. Many are not aware of this reading and are considered to be voodoo but in reality it is a study in itself. It requires immense dedication and commitment to become an expert psychic reader. I am involved in this field for the last few years. And in these years I have noticed that each individual is different and each problem is unique. Hence, he offers customized service that meets the requirement of the specific client.

If you are looking for advanced psychic reading then give a call anytime. You can also go for face to face interaction as well.
Through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct, I will do your psychic reading.

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With love…

The Psychic Life Coach