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4 ways to overcome your personal grief

Thursday, September 24th, 2015


Grief, sadness, anger and feeling of loss do not have a specific reason. You can feel sad because your girlfriend left, you are feeling lost because your loved ones died in an accident. It can creep a person in a different way and everyone’s pain and sufferance is not same. Why are you sad? What is the real cause of your sadness? No person can live entire life with a grief in his or her heart. So, you are the one to take yourself from the pain and again live a happy life. We experience grief in different stage of our lives. You cannot compare grief in your life, but you can have paths to overcome the same.

People who suffer from sadness confined into the world of negativity and it becomes very hard for them to come out from such situation. Psychic reading helps you overcome the pain and lead your life towards positivity. It is your will power that will bring you from such bad situation and you should take that baby step to lead happy life.

  • If you want to fight with your grief, then you need someone who can give you helping hand. That helping hand is psychic reading where the reader will just show you the right path and you just have to follow your heart and need to walk on that path. This is the ultimate way to get a reformed life which you can experience in your way.


  • There is no other substitute of laughter and it is the best medicine. You must talk with your friends and close family members so that you can come out from your sadness and enjoy the fresh breeze of happiness. You can share all the memories and relive the moment once again.


  • Believe in your religion and God. I have seen many people blaming God “Why me?” you should have more faith and take up these challenges with a smile on your face. Then only, you can think positive vibe in your life and your will forget your grief.


  • You must flow your emotions that means if you want to cry then you must cry and do not suppress your emotions because it can affect your mental stability in a bad way. If you are fluent in writing, then you pen down your emotions as if you are writing your last letter.

It is only you who can cope up with your grief because God help those who help themselves.

Embrace “Soul Time” to find real you

Thursday, September 24th, 2015


I have seen many clients who come to me because “they feel lonely and left out” and the reason is their failed relationship. Do you really feel guilty of your failed relationship? Do you think your life starts as well as ends with your partner? It is not and life is actually very beautiful and God has given you one life to enjoy and complete your life’s goal. We all talk about self-worth, self-esteem, but we never think of “soul time”. We are so much involved with the concept of universe that we hardly find our soul time. For example- After your failed relationship, you next goal should be how to love yourself more so that more people get attracted towards you and you feel happy from inside.

Loneliness is just a relative term and it has no particular definition in our universe. Different people define loneliness in different way, but what is more important is how positive you take your soul. Do not stop to fall in love because you have a failed relationship in the past. But, you become more refined this time and the lessons from your past relationships will direct you towards the right path because you will work more on your inner capacity to receive the love from the other side. Nevertheless, if you choose to live on your own terms, then social media ping us without any social invitation and you will come across “happy couples” images. Seeing these images, most people again go back to the cocoon of loneliness and it affects the psyche of a person.

Psychic reading never says that these activities are wrong, but you cannot miss your own company or self-esteem. If you do so, you are going away from the reality and you are giving a negative message to the universe. Happiness is best found when you are in solitude. You have perfect “soul time” and meet with your soul and ask, what it actually want you to do? What is your true call? Close your eyes and you will get your answer. Universe is always ready to conspire against you like

“how can you spend time on your own”, “how selfish are you?”, “you are unable to make good relationship with anyone” and so on.

There is nothing wrong in keeping a different approach in your life. Embrace the “soul time” as your life’s gift. Do not just wait for someone, who will come in your life and then you, will experience the things that you want to do? Right now is the time and you have to live every moment. Start a creative project, read your favorite book, go to a restaurant alone and dine, pack your bags and head out to an unknown land etc. Spend just 20 minutes on things that you actually love and forget phone, social media, internet, laptop and everything that connects you with universe. This 20 minute is only you and your soul.

How do you feel that particular 20 minutes? Did you meet with yourself? Notice and you will get your answer. In psychic reading, “soul time” plays an important role and you will have time for what you want in your life.

Things I Don’t Tell People

Thursday, September 24th, 2015


As a psychic, I have been blessed with the capability to read people. Even, when they don’t want me to! Last weekend, I along with my wife went to our neighbors house for dinner. The neighbor’s wife on knowing that I am psychic was a bit disappointed. Although she never expressed in any words, but I could sense it and even see the emotion in her face for a fraction of second. Over the years, I have learned that although I have the capacity to read one’s innermost feelings and desires, it is better not to spill out everything that I understand. I don’t do it for any other reason but to maintain peace.

You must be wondering, how am I able to maintain peace by not telling people about their feelings when this is what I specialize in. all of us are in denial of our true feeling, especially the ones that stir up a sense of melancholy and disappointment. Initially I used to confront the individual but majority of them have denied it and at the end of it I just raise unnecessary trouble. Hence, I don’t people all that I can sense and read. I let it to the individual to raise the questions and then accordingly answer them. Unless I sense or feel that these feelings can lead them to a path of self destruction, I generally avoid it.

Sometimes, it is better to let people have their own little secrets. Sometimes it is good to believe that everything is alright or will get better with time. Every individual has a way of healing themselves, sometimes it is just better to move with the flow.

It is alright not to be perfect because as we all know; perfection is a journey not a destination. It is our imperfections that make us so beautiful and lends us our individual characteristics. Sometimes, it is good to be You!

The different Emotional States affect psychic reading!

Thursday, September 24th, 2015


The psychic who is doing your reading is also a human and he/she too is susceptible to emotional states. It is this fluctuating state of mind that affects their performance as well.

Let us take an example: Imagine that you are a basketball player who is practicing before a big match. The more you are trying to put the ball in the basket, the more you are missing the target. You have missed the target several times. So what you do is relax for a bit, take a deep breath and then take another shot. This time you are able to put the ball in the basket. You try for two more times and each time you are successful. One of your friends who were watching the entire scene being played out commented that you got lucky and that you need to practice harder.

The word lucky irks you and you try to prove your point and try putting the ball in the basket. And surprisingly you fail to achieve your goal. Do you know this happened? You thought too much and your nerves got tensed and you failed to deliver. The last time you were able to successfully make the shots because you had relaxed and tried.

You must be wondering what this has got to deal with Psychic reading. EVERYTHING!!! Well when we (psychic readers get tensed and think too much about performing our best), we lose the touch and end up making false predictions. Let me explain it to you in a detailed way for better understanding:

  • Physics are mostly self trained. There are hardly any training sessions that they undergo to hone their skills. As such they have to be completely at peace with themselves in order to deliver. The moment there is an unnecessary expectation out of them, 7 out of 10 psychics have failed to deliver. They need a calm atmosphere and lot of self confidence in order to be able to deliver.
  • Experience is everything. Over the years, our exposure to different individuals has made us aware of different emotions, feelings and situations and as such we have got attuned with the inherent feelings.
  • There is no alternative to emotional support. For a psychic reader to be successful, he/she needs emotional support from their family and loved ones as well as the society. If an individual who has come for his reading session laughs at our skill, it raises a sense of irritation in us which in turn affects our equilibrium. Social acceptance makes a big difference to psychic readers.

Why it often becomes difficult for a psychic reader to offer accurate solutions?

Thursday, September 10th, 2015


I have often come across people who get amazed at my psychic reading capacity. But, trust me; reading is a very difficult business. I have often tried to read people but have failed to do so, while at other times, it happened so naturally to me that there was no hurdle at all. This had me thinking for a while. Why does this happen? What occurs that it affects my ability to read a person?

When one is using his psychic ability, he has to be completely at peace with himself. But, what happens is that – we have our own fears. At it are these fears that affect the reading procedure. The fears can be almost anything – the fear of being ridiculed, the fear of non believing, the fear of being questioned, what if the reading does not come true, have I offered the best possible solution – all these fears affects the reading session. No matter how much, we try to get rid of these fears; all of us suffer from them.

Say for example: I am asked to predict the future of a football match. If I don’t know the teams, the result is going to be more accurate rather than when my home team is playing. This happens because, I am emotionally connected with my home team, and as such I will want it to win. Hence, when I am predicting the future of the game, my mind already has a notion about the situation and hence will either affect the reading blocking out the fears or it will show the reading that I want to. As such the reading is not accurate. We can shut out fears at the surface level but at the deeper level it still persists.

In order to overcome all fears and give an accurate reading you have to be determined not to be affected by the situation or your fears. Well, it is easier said than done, but you have to. You have to absolutely believe in yourself.

Let me give you another example. Often it happens that you are arguing with someone and you know that you are right. But somehow you lack the facts and are unable to prove it. As a result the argument loses its dimension in the midway. However, if you have all the proofs in place and are an expert on the area on which you are arguing, you will hardly take few minutes to establish what you are saying. So you see, what you need is a hold over the subject and confidence level so that you are able to make an accurate reading.

Over the years, in my experience of dealing with people, I have seen this entire concept of fear being true. Hence, when I offer my reading sessions I make sure that I have a clear understanding of the situation. This allows m to make practical and accurate readings whereby the individual is benefitted.